Home Safety

Don't be a target for burglars

Avoid being a target for burglars.  Did you know that most burglaries happen between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, and that 50% of thieves enter the home through unlocked doors and windows?  Most burglars spend less than 5 minutes trying to gain entry before they give up and choose an easier home to break into.  So simple actions on your part can slow them down or have them pass by your home altogether.  Here are some tips to deter burglars from choosing your home:

Secure all doors and windows, even when you are at home.

Consider a home security system, and prominently display the sign or stickers.

Close blinds or draperies at dusk.

Leave lights on if you'll be away after dark.

Don't call attention to expensive purchases by placing empty cartons out at the curb for trash pickup.  Better to cut the cartons up and place in a garbage bag.

Grilling Safety tips

Labor Day is almost here, and chances are you will be doing some grilling over the long weekend.  Here are some grilling safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

Before you start grilling:

  • Charcoal grills should be at least 15 feet from any building.  Never use gasoline, alcohol or kerosene to start coals, and don't put more lighter fluid on coals once they are on fire, glowing or smoldering.
  • Gas grills should be at least 3 feet from any building.  Make sure all hose connections are tight and in good condition
  • Grill only on a flat surface that can't catch fire

When done cooking:

  • Soak coals with water.  Close grill lid and any vents tightly.
  • don't move grill or remove coals for 48 hours, unless you can safely move coals into a stainless steel pail.
  • For gas grills, close the valve on the gas cylinder.

If your grill catches fire:

  • Close the lid or shut off gas if you can get close enough without getting burned.
  • Get completely away from the grill.
  • Call the fire department.

Don't invite tragedy or financial ruin from legal liability.  Follow these steps, and be sure you have Homeowners or Renters insurance to protect your home and neighbors.