Installing a Battery Back-up Sump Pump

Spring is just around the corner, and in Northwest Ohio that means the possibility of strong storms, heavy rains, and sometimes the loss of power.

If your worst nightmare is watching the water rise in your basement because the power has gone out and the sump pump is silent, you can ease your fears by installing a battery-operated back-up sump pump.  A back-up pump is a small, easy-to-install submersible unit that is powered by a heavy-duty battery.  It is kept charged and ready to go when the electricity is on so it can supply power to the back-up pump when the power fails.  This pump will help assure that your basement or crawl space remains dry and undamaged.

You can do it yourself for around $250 to $500 in about 2 to 4 hours if you have plastic pipes.  However if you have galvanized or copper plumbing, it's best to have a plumber install the unit. 

No matter who does the work, make sure that a check valve is installed between the new pump and the discharge line from the old pump to prevent back-flow.