What to do after a homeowners loss

(from theft, fire, wind damage, flood, etc)

1. Call our office (419-855-9089)  to report the loss and start the claim process.

2. Stay out of your home until it's safe to re-enter, then assess the damages.

  • Fire - don't enter your home until the fire department says its safe.
  • Theft - call the police to file a report.  Change all locks.  Call your credit card companies as soon as possible  to report any cards stolen.
  • Weather related - electric, gas and water utilities should be kept off until all have been inspected.
  • Flood - make sure your home is structurally sound before re-entering.

3. Take pictures of any damage.  Make a list of all damaged or stolen personal property. 

4. Take steps to prevent further damage to your property.  For example, cover a damaged roof or board up broken windows and doors.

5. Keep receipts of everything you purchase to replace lost, damaged or stolen items.

(This list is also permanently listed on our website's "Claims" page for future reference)