What to do after an auto accident

1) Turn on your vehicle's hazard lights.

2) Contact 911 for Emergency Medical Service and Police.  Be prepared to give your detailed location such as highway mile marker or nearest intersection. 

3) Do not apologize even if you think it was your fault.  The police will determine who or what caused the accident.

4) For each driver involved, collect the following:

  • name, address, phone number
  • drivers license number
  • insurance carrier, policy number, and name of insured if different than driver

 5) For each vehicle involved, collect the following:

  • license plate number
  • vehicle description (year, make, model, color), or take pictures

6) If police don't respond to the accident (such as on private property or no injuries) file a police report to protect yourself.

7) Call our office (419-855-9089) or your insurance carrier's claim number listed on our "Claims " tab to report the accident.

(This list is also permanently listed on our website's "Claims" page for future reference)