Home Fire Safety Tips

With colder weather comes the increased use of your home's furnace, fireplace, or other supplemental  heat source.  It's a good time for all of us to be reminded of fire safety.  The following fire prevention tips are courtesy of Cleaner & Dryer Restoration, Water & Fire Cleanup & Repair:

Smoke Alarm:

  • If you haven't already, change the batteries in your smoke alarms
  • Position your alarm away from air vents and fans
  • Keep your alarm clean and dust free
  • Remember to test your alarm once a month
  • Also change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector


  • Inspect your chimney regularly for cracks and obstructions
  • Don't let creosote build up in your chimney, as it could set off a roof fire
  • Don't "over build" your fire using too much paper.  You could ignite the soot in your chimney
  • Never burn charcoal in your fireplace.  It gives off deadly carbon monoxide
  • Keep your damper open if there are hot ashes in your fireplace.  Closing the damper could enable hot ashes to heat up and cause a damaging fire


  • Before you turn on your furnace, have it inspected by a qualified professional
  • Make sure to check the condition of the automatic controls and emergency shutoffs
  • Keep all trash and combustibles away from the furnace
  • Check your chimney for cracks or loose bricks
  • Seal all unused flue openings with solid masonry

Space Heater:

  • Make sure your space heater has a working safety light, alarm, automatic shut-off switch, and a cut-off device to prevent overheating
  • Keep all objects, people and pets at least three feet away from the heater
  • Never use a space heater in your bathroom.  Water and electric appliances don't mix